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tsukita_hikaru's Journal

Hikaru Tsukita
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  • tsukita_hikaru@livejournal.com
((Message from typist: This is a journal for an original character for japanese_high All icons are made by either myself or my friend and credited.))

Nickname: Karu-chan (as given by Kuro)

Age: 15

Sex: Female

Grade: 10

Birthday: 5/5

Appearance: Has hair that is cut short with the exception of the two long eartails that are somewhat wider than most people keep them so she can still pull that part back into what looks like a bun in the end and grey-blue eyes. She’s short, only making it to five feet. Hikaru has the slender build and grace of a dancer, including legs that seems slightly too long for her body.

Best Physical Feature: Her legs

Personality: Overall, Hikaru is outgoing and has a positive attitude toward life. She is usually quiet and has a gentle personality that allows her to get along with others easily, but she can be shy when dealing with boys. She enjoys dance and takes both ballet and jazz classes. Hikaru is usually smiling, but she can get creative to get revenge when she is angry. She's slow to anger and doesn't like to confront people for just being annoying.

Although she is quiet, Hikaru doesn’t let anyone push her around. It’s her belief that a person needs to earn her respect if they want it. She loves her father and would kill to keep him from becoming as bad as he was when she was young. She is slowly helping her father mend after his heartbreak. Despite her overall outgoing attitude, Hikaru has low self-esteem and tries to hide her worries by showing a confident and cheerful face to the world. She is also slow to make real friends and considers all of her friends as special as a result.

Character Survey: http://www.livejournal.com/users/tsukita_hikaru/1740.html#cutid1

Good Traits: Generally kind, Open-minded, usually soft spoken

Bad Traits: Often is dance obsessed, over protective, can have panic attacks due to being raped as a child.

Likes: Dance, music, singing, art, cute things/people, her Daddy, cooking, cleaning, children

Dislikes: Cruelty, violence, murder, rape, war, math, boys who step on her toes when dancing, being dropped during a lift

Fighting style: Hikaru is not a fighter, but she has learned self defense and basic fighting skills since she was 12 due to being raped. While she is physically stronger than she looks, her body is too small and light to do real damage in a fight. She primarily focuses on surprising others so she can run away. Her best way to handle a fight if she cannot talk her way out of it is to kick because she can kick pretty high due to flexibility acquired during dance.

History: Her mother died when she was about four years old, leaving her father heartbroken. Her father, who had been quickly on his way to owning a business, broke down emotionally and became a drunkard who never worked or seemed to not care about her. She’s been working on getting him to heal emotionally and forces him to work everyday, but he only makes enough to pay the bills. Many nights he comes home drunk. She ended up taking care of him, ensuring that he has food and a clean home since she was little.

When she was about twelve years old, she was raped in an alley. The man who raped her was a co-worker of her father's who had visited the home a few times. After that night, the man disappeared and the police never found him. Since then, she’s replaced her hip-hop classes for martial arts, determined to be strong enough to beat any attacker and never become a victim again.

Job: Works part-time as a waitress at a local Italian restaurant

Vehicle: walks/rides the train

Family Notes: Mother is dead. Father, Kyuuhito, is often drunk. After losing the filing job, he was out of work for several months. During that time, Hikaru paid most of the bills and drained the savings account she'd built up. Since then, he has acquired a job in sales that requires him to travel. Kyuuhito is 47 years old.

Neighborhood: Lives in Roppongi in one of the cheaper housing areas. Since it’s known for it’s clubs and music oriented entertainment, her dance classes are nearby.

Dating Status: Single

Has Dated: N/A

Social Status: Hikaru is able to get along with many of her classmates due to her quiet and friendly nature. Her best female friend is Yui Sakurai. Her childhood friend, Junichi, moved to the United States to study dance.

Schedule -

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday:

1 Homeroom H
2 Chemistry
3 Geometry
4 Japanese 1
5 World History
6 English 1
7 PE 1


1 Homeroom H
2 Music
3 Health
4 Japanese 1
5 French
6 English 1
7 PE 1


1 Homeroom H
2 Music
3 Health
4 French

Excels in: Music, Japanese, Writing, PE

Does Poorly in: Math, Physics, English Composition

Quote: “Life is one big obstacle after another. Don’t give up; someday you’ll overcome whatever life has to throw.”

Title: Dancing Queen [Given on October 8, 8:38 PM]