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Hikaru Tsukita

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August 28th, 2013

10:13 am - Monday January 9th, 4th Hour Japanese 1
((Students in the Class: Ai, Aishida, Amanda, Ami, Andrea, Haitani, Hikaru, Jiro, Kanako, Kasai, Kasumi, Kazuo, Kazuya, Kira, Kurosaki, Maikeru, Masao, Miyavi, Naozumi, Natsumi, Neha, Rei, Ren, Ritsuko, Ryo, Ryoko, Saki, Shige, Shuichi, Sumara, Taiga, Wakashi, Yu Ling, Yui, Yumi, Yuu, Yuusou; Teacher - Onizuka)

Hikaru was practically walking on clouds. Since she'd gotten the part of Juliet in the upcoming ballet, she'd been working hard for the part. The Prima Ballerina was getting a little old for many of the parts and was expected to pick her successor along with the rest of the teachers soon. Even if Hikaru wasn't selected because she was still a little young, the opportunity to work with the Prima was an opportunity that was like a dream.

She'd already had three lessons with the Prima and the dancer playing the part of Romeo. Even though the part of Romeo was more difficult, Juliet had a few solo parts that were particularly challenging. She shook her head as she walked into the classroom. This was her first class with the new teacher, Onizuka, and she was curious about who would become a staff member so late in the year.

The name was amusing. The meaning, demon hill or demon mound, suggested that the teacher was bound to be a little scary. She kept her head down to hide the amused smile, opting to see if the teacher was there only after she reached her seat.

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August 1st, 2013

11:46 am - Monday, January 2, On the strees, walking home from dance, 10:15 PM
Hikaru was walking in a daze. That was the only way to describe it. They'd auditioned for the role of Juliet in front of the current Prima and teachers at the beginning of class. By the end of class, a decision about the role was already decided on. She'd gotten the part. She was going to start training with the Prima and her private teachers from tomorrow.

Normally, Hikaru was aware of her surroundings long before she got to her own neighborhood. It was smart to notice people around you, especially when you were small, but she couldn't keep her mind on others when she was so giddy about getting the role. It was solely about talent and she'd done the best in the audition. She graciously didn't rub her good fortune into the faces of the other dancers, but it was impossible to avoid the happy expression.

She hummed as she walked, almost dancing with each step she took. She was so happy that she didn't think anything could upset her, not even remembering the shocking scene of a boy running a badly injured boy to the hospital the day before.
Current Mood: giddygiddy

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June 19th, 2013

09:25 am - Tuesday December 27th, About 3:50, At Work
Hikaru walked into the Italian restaurant, carrying a bag filled with Christmas treats for everyone. "Merry Christmas! I know it's a little late, but I have gifts." She said with a bright and serene smile on her face. The blue eyes were lit with cheerfulness that was partly due to giving gifts and partly due to the break she'd had from work, dance and school at the same time.

She handed out gifts with the names of each co-worker on them. They were simple gifts of various cookies and fudge she'd made at home, but she figured it was hard to go wrong with the gifts. She'd been careful of allergies that she knew about, so those who were allergic to peanuts or other ingredients got the variations without.

For most of them, the tiny dancer knew the gifts would be appreciated. The only one she wasn't sure about was Nakamura Kazuo. She vaguely remembered Kuro mentioning something about Kazuo liking sweets, but he'd been unclear about what type of sweets and she wasn't sure that Kuro was the best source of information. He'd assume everyone liked sweets unless they told him specifically that they didn't.

Since she knew he had a brother and might decide to share, the dancer had put in a little extra fudge and a few extra cookies into the cute bags she'd bought for the holiday gifts. She'd assumed it would go unnoticed, but a few of the other girls were already giving her knowing looks, which didn't bode well for avoiding the teasing she now expected. They were only holding off because they'd just gotten their own gifts, the fudge was particularly good and they were feeling happy enough to wait on teasing anyone. She guessed that they were assuming she had a crush, but most of the other employees didn't know about his twin either.

Now that she knew she'd be teased, she almost hoped that Kazuo wouldn't be scheduled to work today. It would be embarrassing to give him the gift personally and she almost wanted to pass the job off to her boss, who could give it to him whenever it was his next shift. She sighed as she realized that she also wanted to give the gift personally. He never complained when he was asked to do something and he didn't tease her for being too short to reach the trays. With those confusing thoughts in mind, the dancer went into the girl's restroom to change into her work uniform and start her shift.
Current Location: At Work
Current Mood: anxiousanxious
Current Music: Italian music playing the background

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June 13th, 2011

09:13 pm - Sunday December 25, 8:27 am at home
Hikaru hummed as she worked on making breakfast for both herself and Yui. Since she was in the habit of making meals for herself and her father, she didn't even need to adjust to two people.

She tasted the miso soup to see if it had enough taste and then added a little more paste. Upon finishing the soup, she prepared a plate and covered it with foil for Yui. She didn't know when the other girl would get up, but the meal was ready for her when she wanted to eat.

After a moment, Hikaru set the Christmas gift next to the plate. The delicate oval and star necklace was wrapped and had the other girl's name on it. After a brief hesitation, she added the second present, bandanas in a similar style to what Yui usually wore in a few different colors, which were also wrapped.

A card topped the gifts, wishing Yui a Merry Christmas.

'The Christmas cake is in the fridge, so I'll get that out later...' Hikaru thought, smiling. She planned to take out other gifts later, but figured she'd wait until around noon.
Current Mood: cheerfulcheerful

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July 21st, 2009

10:58 am - Friday December 23rd, 3:30 pm After work
Hikaru gave a friendly wave to her boss before heading out the door. She had already changed from the restraunt's uniform for waitresses. She said her goodbye's to others she worked with and then ran out the door in a flurry of energy. Though the ballet was running tonight, Hikaru was only an understudy and would only be called if there was anyone that was being taken out of the ballet for her to fill the spot. Since it was the last weekend of the ballet, some of the girls who had been understudies were now doing the dancing on stage. It would be a bit less professional, but at least the girls could have a chance to perform onstage, even just the one time.

Humming to herself softly, Hikaru headed toward home, though she wasn't really in a hurry. She'd planned on having dinner made by 7 pm tonight, since she wasn't sure if she'd be getting off work on time or if it would run over a bit. She'd been lucky, the crowds had dispursed only half an hour ago and she was able to leave with a good amount of time to spare.

She window shopped as she walked, stopping to look at displays in the windows, though she didn't plan to actually go into any of the stores. She walked slowly, admiring some dresses, but continuing on her way. She pushed back the long eartails, considering getting them cut off, now that the season was over and she didn't need the illusion of a bun. She hadn't yet decided if she wanted to keep the longer bit in front. It was useful for dance, but sometimes annoyed her just by being in her face all the time.

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July 7th, 2009

08:53 am - Tuesday December 20th, around 6 pm at home
Hikaru was humming softly as she cooked, happily content with life. She wasn't sure when Yui was going to be arriving, but she was cooking for three anyways. She wasn't even sure that Yui was going to come over today or if she was planning to come over tomorrow, but it didn't really bother her. If she came today, there would be enough cooked for her to eat and if she didn't, there would be left overs. If nothing else, she could always see about taking the left overs and giving them to someone on the streets. There were always people in need of food, though Hikaru did try to give extras to those children on the streets who were hungry.

She smiled at her father, who was anxious about meeting one of Hikaru's friends from school. It had been years since he'd met a new friend and he was oddly nervous. He was also clearly happy and had avoided drinking at all since Hikaru had told him that Yui would be staying over the break. He was leaving in two days for his job and Hikaru was happy that he hadn't been drinking. It was the first time in years that her father looked at her and saw her for herself instead of a reflection of her mother.

"Daddy, you don't have to worry. Sakurai-chan is nice. She's not going to bite you or anything." Hikaru said cheerfully as she dropped the breaded pork into the now hot oil. She was making tonkatsu to go with the rice and cucumber salad.

"I know...I'm just nervous. You havn't had a friend over since Junichi went abroad." he said, ruffling her hair affectionately. When he wasn't drunk, he was a good father. When he was drunk, he was a sobbing mess that forgot she wasn't three. She'd learned long ago how to deal with her father and enjoyed the times he was sober.

"I'm not sure she's coming today or tomorrow anyways....I don't know what day her parents were planning to leave." Hikaru said, smiling. She then turned thoughtful eyes on her father. "Daddy...do you think we could get an extra key made for Sakurai-chan? I might not always be here when she comes back, since I have work and dance over break too. I want to be sure she can get in if I'm not here."

"She can have my key. I won't be needing it while I'm up north. And you'll probably be home when I get back. If not, I'll wait at the coffee shop down the street until you get back." her father said, pulling his house key off the ring and giving it to her. Hikaru put it on one of her extra keyrings and set it aside to give to Yui whenever she arrived. It was the last worry she had about break, since she wanted to be sure Yui could get in even if she wasn't home.

She went back to her cooking, cheerfully humming a tune she'd heard in a store. She didn't know the words, but the tune was easy enough.

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June 2nd, 2009

11:26 am - Monday December 19th, After school at the grocery store
Hikaru had dance tonight, but she had a few hours before she had to get going. She stopped at the grocery store on her way home from school. She wanted to make good meals that were also healthy that Yui would enjoy, so she needed to get fresh groceries. She was planning to make some snacks and sweets today so that there would be snacks if Yui wanted them. Hikaru rarely snacked and usually ate fruits or vegetables when she did, but she didn't know what Yui was used to for snacks and she decided that she'd make some cookies and pastries. She was also buying rice crackers and chips, though she didn't often eat those kind of snacks herself. If Yui didn't like them, she could aways give them to Kuro for Christmas. She'd gotten him a remote control car for Christmas, but she knew that adding snacks and sugar would make Kuro all the happier for the holiday.

From the snack aisle, she headed to get fresh fruits and vegetables. This time of year, they were pricy, but the strawberries would be a good treat and she could make a number of good things with them. Strawberry shortcake or smoothies or even just chocolate strawberries. She got a couple of cartons before moving on to other fruits and vegetables.

Looking at the prices of meats, Hikaru couldn't help wincing a bit. She wanted to get things Yui would like, but meat was costly. 'Well....Chicken isn't too bad....I could make yakitori....but I would like to get some pork for tonkatsu....' she thought, doing some mental calculations. 'If I don't buy those new jazz shoes and I make that costume from old costumes instead of buying new material....' she thought, and then added the various meats she wanted. She had no problems waiting for the shoes, since she took good care of her dance shoes and she could always polish them to look new. And she had plenty of costumes she could use for material that she'd probably new use again.

She headed for the counter with her purchases, knowing that the bill would be higher than she liked, but also having a plan to make it affordable.

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May 4th, 2009

07:09 pm - Sunday December 18th, at the store around 4:30 pm
Hikaru had finished work only half an hour ago, having had the lunch shift today and she was in a good mood. Yui was going to spend the break with her and she was looking for a Christmas gift for the other girl. She wasn't sure what would be an appropriate gift, but she hoped that something would stand out to her. Yui's style wasn't anything like Hikaru's, but Hikaru was hoping that she would find something to suit Yui's style that the other girl might like.

She walked through the store, looking at various objects, mostly jewelry, but other nick knacks as well. She frowned as she looked at a necklace that stood out to her. It was a bit pricey, but she'd actually saved some money for Yui's gift and today she'd had a few Americans at her tables. They'd left some pretty good tips on the tables for her and she'd gotten to keep the tips. Americans half the time didn't seem to realize that tip was included in the bill and they tended to good tips on the table as well.

She liked the necklace, but decided to keep looking. She passed over the cute key chains and similar things and looked at some bandannas. They were something Yui might use, but they didn't feel right to her. It felt more like something that was appropriate as a gift to Shige and not Yui. At the end, she came back to look at the necklace again.

'I don't know if she'd like this though...I don't remember ever seeing her wear any jewelry.' she thought with regret. 'It might be too delicate too...Yui-chan's not the most delicate girl...'

It was a silver necklace with a delicate and somewhat thin chain. The pendant was oval in shape with a design of stars engraved in it. She didn't know why she thought the necklace would suit Yui, but Hikaru decided to get it. The worst that could happen was that Yui would decide she didn't like it.

Just in case, she continued to look around the store, carrying the necklace with her.

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April 13th, 2009

07:12 pm - December 16th, Friday Second Hour PE
((People in this class: Boys- Ami, Haitani, Kei, Maikeru, Naozumi, Yuu, Girls- Andrea, Hikaru, Kanako, Natsumi, Ryoko, Sumara, Yu Ling, Yui, Yukimura, Yumi))

Hikaru walked over to wait for roll call, a bit nervous. She didn't know what would be the sport today, and it made her not want to be there. 'I hope it's not basketball or volleyball again...I am so terrible at those sports.' she thought, raising her hand once her name was called.

'It'll be an indoor sport at least...it's too cold for anything outside.' she chewed on her lower lip as she considered the gym. It was set up like they would be able to choose something to do themselves, with mats for gymnastics, basketballs and volleyballs out. She felt herself starting to hope. That would mean being able to talk to people, and she wanted to try talking to Yui and tell her what she's overheard the night before when she'd met Sai.

She waited and then broke into a grin when it was announced that there was no specific sport for the day and they were free to do any sport they wanted, as long as they actually did do something and didn't just sit down and talk. They were going to do stretches as a class and then would be free to go.

She looked around then, not sure if Yui was even in class today, since she'd been thinking about other things and didn't pay attention to who was there or not.

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March 23rd, 2009

06:29 pm - Monday December 5th, 5:30 Am, going for a morning jog
Hikaru pulled on her shoes and headed out the door. Opening it, she stared in surprise at the box sitting on her doorstep. It had a dress in it. It was the one she'd been admiring. Picking it up, she looked at the note.

"Stay away from Kira, just please stay away if you know what's good for him or better yet you!" Hikaru read aloud, her incredulous expression only becoming that of surprise. She looked around for a moment, then brought the dress into the house. She put it in her room and then went out for her jog.

As she ran, she let her mind wander to who might have given her the dress and the note. Obviously the dress was meant to tempt her and the note to warn her. By accepting the dress, she was accepting that she had to stay away from Kira.

'Well...I don't talk to him much anyways...' she thought, making up her mind to just not talk to him unless they had to. 'I won't be able to avoid it if we have a class together....but other than that...it won't be that hard. I'm pretty busy anyways and I rarely see him outside of class. I just won't go up and talk to him.'

With that in mind, she ran to the park and let herself feel the freedom of just running.

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